I'ts that time of the year again

My remaining Creeps

It looks like we may have been combined with TWO other partial teams, because our official name is now Freedairylovescreepers! The hunt is almost upon us!



Josh Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.



I’m sorry to say this after everybody else has already, but I can no longer help you guys out. My first dedication is towards school which isn’t going so well right now, so I need to focus on that and nothing else right now. If school wasn’t an issue I’d still be able to help.I may be able to still do some stuff, but not much.

Devon (where-does-the-milk-come-from /previously onlygreyskiesabove)

Woo, I just registered! I’m sad that some of our group couldn’t join us, but life happens. I hope the ones who had to move to other teams have a blast and the ones who can’t participate cheer us on!

I’m kind of pissed at the website though. I had to register with my stateside address since my real address is on base in Japan and they didn’t have AP under states. :c

this is Zoe, btw

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I hate to do this to you as well…

I feel like I’m not going to be able to live up to your needs and expectations as team leader.

I feel like I must resign as team leader and from the team.

My life is crazy stressful right now, and I’m dealing with a lot of personal issues.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you in the months leading up to GISHWHES.

I wish each of you luck.


Anonymous asked:"I'm so sorry to do this, but Stacy and I had been promised to another team, and at the last minute they came through and brought us in. I had to resign us both, I am really really sorry to do this to you guys. I hope you find members that are right for your team and you have an amazing time!"

I’m still here as well! Jessica (warpedinside) just waiting until noon PDT to sign up!!

Also there are two people, Katie and Stacy, that’ll have joined the team. So the members signed up right now are Katie, Lindsay, Stacy and Kristina right? Let’s get the rest~

Wow, we lost so many members and I hate to follow suit, but I honestly do not think I will have the time or money to participate either. As a double-major with two jobs during my junior year of college and being involved in the clubs I am a member of…it just isn’t going to work out and I want you guys to win and I do not think I’m the right person to help you guys get there. As the others said, let me know if I can help with anything in the PA area because I will certainly do my best if you guys need help! 

-Sara (ibelieveinsuperwholock)